You can join through any internet connected device like a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. A regular internet speed is sufficient. If you can watch a YouTube video online without any problems, then you are on the safe side. 

No software or password
The only thing you have to do is go to You don't need to install software or to have a password. It's easy. 

You will have the best quality of you close all other programs on your device. You can leave your videoscreen small. Or enlarge it with the button in the player. 

Please remember to wear headphones when you have colleagues around. 

The Connecting The Dots Conference is live between 09.55 - 15.45 CET. Check your local time here

Asking questions
You can ask questions to the keynotespeakers anytime during the day by using:
password #TechandSociety
(see also homepage fro direct access)


Twitter #TechandSociety @raadrli 

Your moderator is Gerrit Heijkoop (@GHeijkoop). He will make sure your voice is representate at the conference venue in Utrecht.
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